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Legal Document Assistants and Multi-Jurisdictional Issues: Can LDAs Prepare Legal Documents for Clients in Other States?

Friday, June 16, 2023 11:39 PM | Anonymous

Legal Document Assistants (LDAs) play a vital role in assisting clients with the preparation of legal documents. However, the question arises as to whether LDAs can prepare legal documents for clients to be used in other states. Although there is no explicit prohibition in the Business Professions Code §6400 et seq., there are several factors to consider. This blog post will examine the potential challenges LDAs may face when offering their services across state lines, taking into account legal provisions, jurisdiction-specific regulations, and the evolving landscape of multi-jurisdictional practice.

Venue and Primary Residence:

A crucial consideration for LDAs is the provision within the Conduct of Business and Prohibited Acts of Cal. Bus Profession Code § 6409.1. This provision states that the venue for disputes between LDAs and clients shall be the county in which the client has their primary residence. While this provision does not directly address multi-jurisdictional practice, it implies that LDAs would be subject to the laws of the county where the client resides. Consequently, LDAs should be aware of potential legal ramifications when preparing documents for clients in different states.

Risk Assessment and Travel Considerations:

LDAs should carefully assess the risks associated with engaging clients outside the county of their principal place of business. The requirement to travel to the jurisdiction where the client resides can pose logistical challenges and additional expenses. Considering the potential implications of disputes and legal proceedings in a different county adds an extra layer of complexity. LDAs must be prepared to navigate these logistical and practical considerations when extending their services across state lines.

Violations of Unauthorized Practice of Law (UPL) Laws:

Another crucial aspect to consider is the potential violation of UPL laws in the jurisdiction where the documents are intended to be used. Each state has its own regulations regarding the preparation and delivery of legal documents, which may differ from California's requirements. For example, Arizona has specific licensing requirements for Legal Document Preparers. LDAs must exercise caution and ensure they comply with the laws and regulations of the state where the documents will be utilized to avoid any UPL violations.

Looking to Other Legal Professions:

While LDAs are not attorneys and are not subject to the California State Bar Authority, it is beneficial to observe how other legal professions in California handle multi-jurisdictional issues. The recent opinion by the California State Bar suggests that licensed lawyers practicing "California law remotely in another state where they are not licensed" should consult the multijurisdictional practice and unauthorized practice of law rules of the state where they are physically present. Although not directly applicable to LDAs, this guidance highlights the importance of seeking jurisdiction-specific advice and adhering to relevant regulations when providing legal services across state lines. THE STATE BAR OF CALIFORNIA STANDING COMMITTEE ON PROFESSIONAL RESPONSIBILITY AND CONDUCT FORMAL OPINION INTERIM NO. 20-0004


The question of whether Legal Document Assistants (LDAs) can prepare legal documents for clients to be used in other states requires careful consideration. While there is no explicit prohibition in California's Business Professions Code, LDAs must navigate various challenges. The provision regarding venue and primary residence implies that LDAs may be subject to the laws of the county where the client resides. Additionally, potential violations of Unauthorized Practice of Law (UPL) laws in the jurisdiction where the documents will be used must be taken into account. Consulting jurisdiction-specific regulations and observing how other legal professions handle multi-jurisdictional issues can provide valuable insights. LDAs should stay informed, seek guidance, and ensure compliance with relevant laws and regulations to responsibly extend their services across state lines while protecting both their clients' interests and their own professional integrity.

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