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Update: Senate Bill 670 Withdrawn by Senator Anna Caballero

Monday, January 31, 2022 4:39 PM | Anonymous

Senate Bill 670 was controversial legislation that would have eliminated the Immigration Consultant profession [#nonattorneys] in #California.

The bill would have not only wiped out hundreds of small minority owned businesses but divesting in immigrant communities who are most often essential workers relying on IC for affordable immigration document preparation services.

All as the economy starts to recover after the Pandemic and the ever-evolving myriad of variants. Like the COVID variants, SB 670 is one of Senator Anna Caballero's many bills attempting to do away with the Immigration Consultant profession. 

Immigration Consultants are small family-owned businesses from the communities they serve. They do not have endless resources or state funding like opposition sponsors CHIRLA or CRLAF. The defeat of SB 670 is a win for non-attorneys everywhere.

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